junior & senior high information

All our youth programs are designed to be safe places where youth in our church can learn new and exciting things about God while being led and cared for by the youth ministry directors and adult volunteers from our congregation.  It's our hope to encourage youth to not only discover new things about God, but also begin to understand how those things matter in their own lives.

Sunday mornings

On Sunday mornings our Junior Highers meet in the main sanctuary for the worship songs and are dismissed to their service after the songs.  An announcement slide will be on the front screen informing them they are dismissed to go to the youth room for their service. 

Senior highers attend the entire service in the sanctuary.

Service starts at 10:30 am

wednesday nights

Both our Junior and Senior High meet on Wednesday nights in the youth room for classes and activities.  You may join at anytime and  be sure to bring some friends with you for this exciting time.

From 6:30 - 8:00 pm

For more information contact Joe or Lisa Gomez here.